What is a travel specialist?

A travel specialist is a person that can help you plan a trip that is tailored according to your needs and wishes.  By planning a trip with a travel specialist you can start your vacation while at home, without the need to waste valuable time and efforts on finding information that many times does not suit your needs.  The travel specialist does all that for you.

What are the advantages of planning a trip with a travel specialist?

Proven advantages of planning a trip with a travel specialist include, among other things:

  • Saving money – If you are interested in saving money but still enjoying your vacation, a travel specialist may very well be the way to go.  Good travel specialists know to mind your budget while choosing vacation locations, lodging and attractions.  A travel specialist should also know about current discounts and ways to save you even more money.
  • No waste of valuable time – Instead of mining the internet for information yourself, why not let the travel specialist do it for you and according to your specifications?
  • Precision – A travel specialist will tailor your dream vacation exactly according to your specification, no corners rounded, no stones left unturned.
  • Ease of mind – When working with TriPlanner.info travel specialists you receive on-call support for your trip.  If you need information or help on you way, we are there for you.

So what is the bottom line?  The power of travel with the advise of a travel specialist is in the fact that the trip has been planned exactly for your needs.  Having a trip planned by a travel specialist means that corners are not rounded and that the product you receive has been tailored exactly for yourself and your family.

Do you need to meet your travel specialist?

Meeting your travel specialist is a matter of personal preference.  Most of our clients do not meet us.  Instead, we make ourselves available online and can help you over the phone and mail.

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Beer Travel

People naturally tend to travel to places where they will find things they like. That is why traveling around the world, looking for good beer is a logical choice for many. Fortunately such places where one can combine great beer and great travel are abundant. Here are some prominant examples.

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Car tourism in Germany

Germany is renown for its car industry. Germans have experience and proven results when it comes to industirial efficiency. And Germans are also duely very proud of their achievements. For these reasons Germany is the very exact destination for any car lover to visit. Germany has an amazing concentration of car related museums founded by major companies such as BMW, Audi, Porche, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen that are easily accessible and great to visit.

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Winter Vacation in Europe

Winter is a funny time to vacation. On the one hand, it is, naturally, well… cold. On the other hand we get a vacation from work and the kids are off school. A vacation in Europe is interesting, versatile and has a lot to offer. During the winter many European attractions are closed, however others are very much open for the public all year long. So, how can we vacation in Europe during winter and still stay warm?

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